Have you felt like you wanted to invest or start making smarter financial decisions, with no clue on where to start?


In our 38 page e-book, you will learn:

  • Why to prioritize 'self' and creating your own income streams outside of your 9-5
  • Our order of investing (what do we prioritize and why)
  • Where we place emergency cash that's BETTER than a savings account
  • Our favorite index funds and individual stocks
  • Our alternative investment portfolio
  • Our favorite rewards and points programs (free money)
  • How we choose who to bank with
  • Step by step guide of how Morgan created her own retirement plan
  • Tips and tricks on mastering Airbnb
  • Our step by step business formation guide
  • Our biggest mistakes made in learning how to save and invest & how to avoid them!


Reviewed by Adrienne Davis, CPA (financial advisor)


This e-book does NOT include the FREE virtual workshop. 


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White Coat, Green Bands (E-BOOK ONLY)