This e-book is a comprehensive guide for the aspiring/current  Registered Nurse,  aspiring/current travel nurse, aspiring/current Nurse Practitioner. 


So you want to be a nurse?

Chapter 1: The Beginning 

Chapter 2: While in Nursing School

Chapter 3: The NCLEX

Chapter 4: Life after the NCLEX/ nursing school

Chapter 5: With great earning potential comes great responsibility 

Chapter 6: Should I be a travel nurse? (Includes pre, during, and post travel checklists).


So you want to be a nurse practitioner?

Chapter 1: Applying for nurse practitioner school

Chapter 2: Learning to study and navigate your personal life while in nurse practitioner school

Chapter 3: Establishing relationships that translate into career opportunities 

Chapter 4: Studying for boards

Chapter 5: Deciding whether or not to open your own practice 

Chapter 6: Establishing your net worth: negotiating your contract

Chapter 7: Setting yourself up for success as a 1099 contractor

Chapter 8: First year of practice resources


After reading this book you will know...

  • Know which nursing school is right for you
  • How to determine if your school of choice is at risk for losing their accreditation (DANGER)
  • FREE resources to fund your education (including direct scholarship links)
  • Study resources for nursing and NP students
  • How to make your new graduate application stand out
  • How to study for the NCLEX
  • How to save and spend wisely after landing your first dream job
  • Travel nurse/ NP resources (which documents you should have in a dropbox file for quick access, best options for housing, direct links to health/dental/life insurance, understanding your contract)
  • Find a preceptor in a variety of ways WITHOUT cold calling
  • Reducing unnecessary in NP school
  • FNP study guide for boards
  • Should you open up a healthcare business? will it be profitable?
  • Negotiating your first NP contract (all of the things you SHOULD be asking for)
  • Establishing yourself as a 1099 contractor CORRECTLY & getting business credit 
  • First year of practice resources
  • Vendor list (Baltimore photographer/hairstylists, graphic/website designer, TX realtor (familiar w/ travel nurses), attorney at law, car shipping company, mortgage underwriter in 5+ states, medical coding/billing company


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So You Want To Be A Nurse eBook